Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Charity Painting MONSOON SEASON

My awesome girlfriend Frances Ratner has recently taken a life changing opportunity helping out as a volunteer worker for Women's Empowerment in India. She will be spending 3+ months abroad and before she goes in mid July she wants to raise some funds to buy text books and teaching material for the children and women she is going to be working for. Her goal is to make $750 through donations and by selling some of her items.

She asked me to paint a picture for her blogs title so I did and came up with a good Idea to make a full on print quality art work measuring 50cm by 17.3cm. I have donated a nice exclusive edition giclée print of it to her as an auction piece, and I also think there will be a smaller edition which will be randomly given to one lucky person who has donated $ through a lucky draw system (THIS WILL BE CLARIFIED ON HER BLOG).

Have a look at her blog and see if you can help. http://francesabroad.blogspot.com/